Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FPSP - Flat File Php Shopping Page v 4.0

Have you enjoyed my Php Shopping Page Scripts v 2.0 and v 3.0 ?
Then you would love perhaps the last version of Php Shopping Page script FPSP v 4.0.
Yes the last and the best. It has so many new features that it may be the biggest script that I have ever written.
The features include:
1) It uses text files as database, so NO Sql or Access requried.
2) The products or scripts can be uploaded and the database can be updated online.
3) After a successful transaction, the user is asked to enter an email address where an email is sent containing a download code. The user clicks on the code to download the file.
4) The download code is different for each transaction and once downloaded then it becomes invalid.
5) The file to be downloaded is first copied to a download folder and given a random name, so that any user cannot trace the file to the folder where all your download files are located.
6) It also logs the date and time of download, IP address of the user, name of the product, file name and much more so that you know how much you sold.
7) All the important pages accessed by the admin are password protected.

This is just the summary of all the things that I've added, it took me months to come up with a script that was complicated enough to solve all your problems as well as simple enough for the average user to use.
It is still in Alpha testing stage. To go to Beta stage I need volunteers who can test the script and tell me the result. So if you want to test it for me, then leave a comment along with an email address and I'll send you a copy.

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