Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making a Google Chrome Extension to show my Twitter Post

So after a long time, I finally got something to share with you all.
If you use Twitter for say posting updates of your site on it, then you can use the extension I made to allow your users to read your Twitter posts directly from their Chrome Browser address bar.

The tutorial is really really long, the script is anyway. So I have posted everything on Instructables.
Here is the link

Monday, June 27, 2011

Draw circuits online

How many of you make electronics projects for hobby?

The problem with making electronic circuits is drawing them either on paper or on computer. There are many software to make circuits like Eagle, but installing them is a hassle (if you don't make that many circuits).

So an easy solution for this problem is an online system by Google called Webtronics. It is still in testing phase, but it is awesome. You can easily design any circuit add components just by picking and placing and connect them easily.

Here is the link

Saturday, June 4, 2011

File Maker v0.1

This is a really silly project.
This batch file created a file of the name and extension in the location you enter in it.
You can do that without it and much faster, but I mad it so I had to share it with you.
It uses many commands that you might find useful in other batch files, if you are new to batch files.

Here is the code

@echo off
title File Maker v0.1
color 0a

echo  Enter file location
set/p "loc="
echo  Enter filename with extension
set/p "file="
echo  File location
echo  %loc%
echo  File name
echo  %file%

echo Create File
echo Y for Yes
echo N for No
echo E for Exit
set/p "auth="
if %auth%==Y goto data
if %auth%==y goto data
if %auth%==N goto back
if %auth%==n goto back
if %auth%==E goto end
if %auth%==e goto end
echo Wrong Input
goto top

echo  Enter your data in the file (text only)
set/p "data="
echo  Write File %loc%\%file%? (Y/N)
set/p "ask="
if %ask%==Y goto make
if %ask%==y goto make
if %ask%==N goto back
if %ask%==n goto back
echo Wrong Input
goto sec

echo %data% >> "%loc%\%file%
echo  File Created.....

echo  Do you want to create another file? (Y/N)
set/p "aga="
if %aga%==Y goto back
if %aga%==y goto back
if %aga%==N goto end
if %aga%==n goto end
echo Wrong Input
goto doyou


Copy and paste it in Notepad and save it as anything.bat

To use it open it, enter location where you want to make the file.
P.S.- Do not enter "\" at the end of the location

Next enter the filename with it's extension

Enter the data and enter Y to create the file.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Added new template to my portfolio

I have added a new web template in my portfolio. This one is different because unlike other templates which are corporate look, this one is actually for a romantic novel author. It's a very simple generic design.
So go and check it out.
For those who don't know here is a link to my portfolio