Friday, April 23, 2010

Tweet Search with Topsy

For all those Twitter™ people here is something useful. Topsy is a search engine powered by tweets. It means that U can search tweets through this site.
This is great Bcause when U search on Twitter™, U get results on the basis of names, email ids & brands. But in Topsy U can get D actual tweets that U want 2 find. I have used it & it is quite something. It is still in it's BETA stage, so it'll get better by time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Internet Slangs for chatting

Many of us chat on D net & many of us (including me) use slangs like lol & BFF.
Now apart from these common slangs there R many others that many of us don't know about. So here is a short list of slangs that I found on D net.

@            - at
@teotd       - at the end of the day
1     - one or won
14aa41     - one for all and all for one
2     - to, too, or two
2b or not 2b - to be or not to be
2dA     - today
3sum     - threesome
4     - for, four, or the prefix or suffix: fore)
411     - information
4ever     - forever
86     - out of, or over
aaaaa     - American association against acronym abuse
aaf     - as a friend
aak     - asleep at keyboard
aamoi     - as a matter of interest
aar, aar8    - at any rate
aas     - alive and smiling
aatk     - always at the keyboard
aayf     - as always, your friend
ab     - ass backwards
abithiwtidb  - a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
abt2     - about to
acd     - alt control delete
ace     - access control entry
ack     - acknowledgement
adad     - another day, another dollar
adbb     - all done bye bye
adih     - another day in hell
adip     - another day in paradise
afagay     - a friend as good as you
afahmasp     - a fool and his money are soon parted
afaic     - as far as I'm concerned
afaiu     - as far as I understand
afap     - as far as possible
afayc     - as far as your concerned
afc     - away from computer
afdn     - any f***ing day now
afiaa     - as far as I am aware
afiniafi     - a friend in need is a friend indeed
afz     - acronym free zone
agkwe     - and God knows what else
aiamu     - and I'm a monkey's uncle
aih     - as it happens
aimb     - as I mentioned before
aimp     - always in my prayers
aise     - as I said earlier
aisi     - as I see it
alol     - actually laughing out loud
alot or allot - a lot
altg             - act locally, think globally
amap          - as many as possible
ambw         - all my best wishes
aml             - all my love
and             - any day now
anfawfows  - and now a word from our web sponsor
aoas            - all of a sudden
aob             - abuse of bandwidth
asafp           - as soon as freakin possible
aslmh          - age,sex,location,music,hobbies
atb              - all the best
atst              - at the same time
atw             - all the web, or around the web
ayk             - as you know
aysos           - are you stupid or something
aytmtb         - and you're telling me this because?
b               - be, bee
b/c             - because
b4u     - before you
b4uki     - before you know it
bag     - busting a gut
bai     - bye
bak     - back at my keyboard
bau     - business as usual
bb     - bye-bye
bb4n, bbfn   - bye bye for now
bbbg     - bye bye, be good
bbias     - be back in a sec
bbiaw     - be back in a while
bbn     - bye bye now
bbsd     - be back soon darling
bbsl     - be back sooner or later
bbt     - be back tomorrow
bc     - because
bcoz     - because
bdn     - big d**n number
bf     - boyfriend
bfd     - big f***ing deal
bg     - big grin
bif     - before I forget
bion     - believe it or not
bioyn     - blow it out your nose
bitd     - back in the day
bk     - big kiss
bka     - better known as
bm     - bite me
bmota     - bite me on the ass
bohica     - bend over, here it comes again
bout     - about
br     - bathroom
brt     - be right there
bs     - big smile, bull sh**
btdt     - been there done that
bthoom     - beats the heck out of me
btsoom     - beats the sh** out of me
btwbo     - be there with bells on
bw     - best wishes
bwd     - backward
bwdik     - but what do I know
by     - busy
bykt     - but you knew that
c-p     - sleepy
c-t     - city
c     - see
'cause     - because
cb     - call back, chat brat
cfv     - call for vote
cid     - consider it done
cmiw     - correct me if I'm wrong
cos, coz     - because
craft     - can't remember a f***ing thing
crat     - can't remember a thing
csl     - can't stop laughing
cul, cul8r   - see you later
cus     - because
cuz or cuzz  - because
cwyl     - chat with you later
cyt     - see you tomorrow
da     - the
dat     - that
deti     - don't even think it
df     - dear friend
dga     - don't go away (or anywhere)
dgara     - don't give a rat's a**
dgt     - don't go there
dhyb     - don't hold your breath
diaf     - die in a fire
diku     - do I know you?
dis     - this
dkdc     - don't know, don't care
dltm     - don't lie to me
dnc     - does not compute
doin     - doing
dos     - those
dqydj     - don't quit your day job
drib     - don't read if busy
dunno     - don't know
dust     - did you see that?
duz     - does
duznt     - doesn't
dyjhiw     - don't you just hate it when...
dyofdw     - do your own f***ing dirty work
dystsott     - did you see the size of that thing?
e123     - easy as 123
eak     - eating at the keyboard
em     - them, excuse me
eso     - equipment smarter than operator
evar     - ever
ewi     - emailing while intoxicated
ez     - easy
faql     - frequently asked questions list
fav     - favorite
fawc     - for anyone who cares
fe     - fatal error
fitb     - fill in the blanks
fo     - f*** off
foc     - free of charge
foe     - for
fofl     - falling on floor laughing
ftasb     - faster than a speeding bullet
fttb     - for the time being
fwd     - forward
fya     - for your amusement
g or     - grin
ga     - go ahead
gbh     - great big hug
ggn     - gotta go now
go2     - go to
gok     - God only knows
gonna     - going to
gth     - go to hell
gtsy     - good to see you
gud     - good
h2     - how to
hagd     - have a good day
hai     - hi
hhoj     - ha ha, only joking
hhtyay     - happy holidays to you and yours
hih     - hope it helps
hlp     - help
hua     - heads up ace
hugz     - hugs
huh     - have you heard
huya     - head up your a**
i1dr     - I wonder
iae     - in any event
ianac     - I am not a crook
ianae     - I am not an expert
iat     - I am tired
ibrb     - I'll be right back
ibt     - in between technology
ibtd     - I beg to differ
icbw     - I could be wrong
iccl     - I couldn't care less
idgaf     - I dont' give a f***
idgi     - I don't get it
idky     - I don't know you
idl     - ideal
idm     - it doesn't matter
idst     - I didn't say that
idts     - I don't think so
ifu     - I f***ed up
igtp     - I get the point
ihaim     - I have another instant message
ihno     - I have no opinion
iimad     - if it makes a difference
iir     - if I remember
iiwm     - if it were me
ik     - I know
imnsho     - in my not so humble opinion
ims     - I'm sorry
in4ml     - informal
inmp     - it's not my problem
inpo     - in no particular order
INNW     - if not now, when?
ioh     - I'm outta here
iss     - I said so
istm     - it seems to me
istr     - I seem to remember(recall)
iswym     - I see what you mean
itm     - in the money
ium     - if you must
iyss     - if you say so
j/c     - just checking
j/w     - just wondering
jad     - just another day
jam     - just a minute
joo or j00   - you
k     - ok
kbd     - keyboard
kewl or kool - cool
kfy     - kiss for you
kir     - keep it real
kiss     - keep it simple, stupid
kk     - ok
kma     - kiss my a**
kok     - knock
kotc     - kiss on the cheek
kotl     - kiss on the lips
kthx     - ok, thanks
kwim     - know what I mean
kthxbai     - ok, thanks, bye
kthxbye     - ok, thanks, bye
kutgw     - keep up the good work
kypo     - keep your pants on
l8     - late
laf or laff  - laugh
laq     - lame a** quote
lil     - little
lola     - laugh out loud again
ltic     - laugh til I cry
lul or lulz  - lol
luv     - love
m     - am
mai     - my
mfd     - multi function device
mhbfy     - my heart bleeds for you
mhoty     - my hats off to you
mite     - might
mkop     - my kind of place
mmk     - ok
moar     - more
mof     - matter of fact
moos     - members of the opposite sex
moss     - members of the same sex
mte     - my thoughts exactly
mubar     - messed up beyond all recognition
mwbrl     - more will be revealed later
n     - and or in
n/t     - no text
n2m     - not to mention
nagi     - not a good idea
naz     - name, address, zip
ncg     - new college graduate
ne1     - anyone
nething     - anything
ng     - new game
nim     - no internal message
nimby     - not in my backyard
nimq     - not in my queue
nmp     - not my problem
no1     - no-one
noyb     - none of your business
nrg     - energy
ntk     - nice to know
ntn     - nothing
ntymi     - now that you mention it
nw     - no way!
o     - oh
oaus     - on a unrelated subject
oars     - oh no, not again
obtw     - oh by the way
oll     - online love
omdb     - over my dead body
omik     - open mouth, insert keyboard
ootb     - out of the blue
ot     - off topic
ott     - over the top
ottomy     - off the top of my head
ousu     - oh you, shut up
owtte     - or words to that effect
p&c     - private and confidential
pans     - pretty awesome new stuff
pcm     - please call me
pdq     - pretty darn quick
pd     - public domain
pimp     - peeing in my pants
pita     - pain in the a**
pls     - please
plz     - please
pmfji     - pardon me for jumping in
po     - piss off
poof     - good bye
ppl or peeps - people
ptl     - praise the lord
pza     - pizza
ql     - quit laughing
r     - are
r&d     - research and development
r&r     - rest and relaxation
rbay     - right back at ya
rbtl     - read between the lines
re     - regarding
rfd     - request for discussion
rite     - right
rlf     - real life friend
rlh     - run like hell
rmlb     - read my lips baby
rn     - right now
rsn     - real soon now
rtfaq     - read the faq file
rtk     - return to keyboard
ruok     - are you ok?
ruup4it     - are you up for it?
ryo     - roll your own
s or     - smile
scnr     - sorry, could not resist
sep     - someone elses problem
sez     - says
sfete     - smiling from ear to ear
sh     - sh** happens
sitd     - still in the dark
slirk     - smart little rich kid
smaim     - send me an instant message
sme     - subject matter expert
smem     - send me email
snafu     - situation normal, all f***ed up
so     - significant other
sok     - it's ok
sol     - sh** out of luck
some1     - someone
sop     - standard operating procedure
sorg     - straight or gay
soz     - sorry
spk     - speak
srlsy     - Seriously
sro     - standing room only
sry     - sorry
ssdd     - same sh** different day
str8     - straight
stra     - stray
stys     - speak to ya soon
sum     - some
sum1     - someone
suyf     - shut up you fool
sux, sux0r   - suck
swak     - sealed with a kiss
swdyt     - so what do you think
tafn     - that is all for now
tah     - take a hike
tarfu     - things are really f***ed up
tas     - taking a shower
tbc     - to be continued
tdtm     - talk dirty to me
teh     - the
tfn     - thanks for nothing
thanx     - thanks
thnq     - thank you
tho     - though
thot     - thought
thx     - thanks
tia     - thanks in advance
tiail     - think I am in love
tic     - tongue in cheek
tlgo     - the list goes on
tm     - trust me
tna     - temporarily not available
tom     - tomorrow
tot     - tons of time
tp     - team player
tptb     - the powers that be
ttg     - time to go
ttly     - totally
ttt     - that's the ticket
tvm     - thank you very much
twimc     - to whom it may concern
u     - you
u2     - you too?
uok     - are you ok?
ur or ure    - your or you're
usu     - usually
uve     - you've
vbg     - very big grin
vbs     - very big smile
vm     - voice mail
vrbs     - virtual reality bull sh**
vsf     - very sad face
wad     - without a doubt
wai     - what an idiot
wan2     - want to
wanna     - want to
w/o     - without
w84m     - wait for me
wat     - what
wc     - who cares
wdys     - what did you say
wdyt     - what do you think
wf     - way fun
wfm     - wait for me, works for me
wiifm     - what's in it for me
wknd     - weekend
wn     - when
wog     - wise old guy
wrt     - with regards to, or with respect to
wt     - without thinking
wtsds     - where the sun don't shine
wu     - what up?
wut     - what
wwy     - where were you?
wycm     - will you call me?
wyp     - what's your problem?
wyrn     - what's your real name?
wys     - whatever you say
wyt     - whatever you think
wywh     - wish you were here
x-i-10     - exciting
xlnt     - excellent
xme     - excuse me
y     - why
ya     - yet another
yafiygi     - you asked for it you got it
ydkm     - you don't know me
ygbk     - you gotta be kidding
yhm     - you have mail
yic     - yours in Christ
ykw     - you know what
YM     - you mean
ynk     - you never know
yr     - your, yeah right
yoyo     - you're on your own
ysyd     - yeah, sure you do
yttt     - you telling the truth?
yup     - Yes
yur     - your or you're
yyssw     - yeah, yeah, sure sure whatever
zzz     - sleeping, tired, bored

For those wanna B hackers, here R some alphabets that hackers use

a            - 4
b            - 8
c            - ( or k or |< or /<
d            - <|
e            - 3
f            - ph
g            - 6 or 9
h            - |-|
i            - 1 or |
k            - |< or /<
l            - | or 1
m            - |\/|
n            - |\|
o            - 0
p            - |2
s            - 5
t            - 7 or +
u            - |_|
v            - / or \/
w            - // or \/\/
x            - ><
y            - '/
z            - 2
So, go ahead.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

11 Rules U don't learn in schools

Rule 1: Life is not fair - get used to it!

Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault; so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you "FIND YOURSELF". Do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television and video games are NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Name Google

If U want 2 make a site with your own domain name 4 free then here is something that is not D real deal but is some fun. is a site powered by Google Custom Search, that allows U 2 not only create a  page with your name in D Google style but also lets U save them with D url of your choice 4 free.
But it works by editing your host file so it wont work on other computers, but it is still fun right?

Sued for using Facebook

Yeah U read it. A dude is being sued for creating a Facebook Group. Dude's name is
Christopher Thomas Aldred (or Thomas Aldred) a student of St Columbia College and D name of his group is St Columba College Is a Shit Hole!. So not guessing who R sued him :D.
Now he is scrambling 2 close his group B 4 he gets in jail. He is requesting all 63 members to leave D group, so that he can close it. Not things like this shows us that we may use D internet 2 say all that we want, but we must always think B 4 as you might not know who is reading it.
Now if U wanna C this Facebook Group than I suggest U do it soon. As it will B closed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Creating Special Characters in Plain Text

We use special characters like © & ™ & ® on our sites & blogs, but it is easy 2 put them via HTML codes like &copy; for ©, &reg; for ® & &trade; for ™.
But when it comes to plain text it is quite difficult. MS Word automatically changes (c) to ©, but U cannot do that in say Notepad. So what can U do?
Well D solution is simple & all U need is a computer with a keyboard.
Just Hold D ALT key on your keyboard & type 0169 on your Numpad (not the numbers on D top of your alphabetic keys). You'll get a © symbol in Notepad, not only that but it works on any plain text editor, even here.
There R lots of special characters linked 2 key combinations, but here is a list of few of those important symbols that U might need,
Alt 0169 © (copyright)
Alt 0153 ™ (Trade Mark)
Alt 0174 ® (Registered)
Alt 0167 § (Section)
Alt 0178 ² (squared)
Alt 0162 ¢ (cents)
Alt 0128 € (Euro)
Alt 0163 £ (Pound)
Alt 0165 ¥ (Yen)
Alt 0161 ¡ (inverted exclamation)
Alt 0191 ¿ (inverted question mark)
Alt 0172 ¬ (boolean 'not')
Alt 0176 ° (the degree sign)

If U want then U can also create special symbols just 4 U, like a logo of your company or your initials or digital signature that U can place anywhere without any hustle. All U have 2 do is,
In D Run Command, Type eudcedit > Hit OK.
Private Character Editor will B launched, you'll see a Select Code dialog box > Hit OK.
U will see something like Paint, just create a symbol that U want and select Save Character from
Edit menu.
Your symbol is made.
To add that symbol just open Run Command, Type charmap > Hit OK.
When Character Map opens, select the Font drop-down list and select All Fonts (Private
Select your character, click the Select button, and then click the Copy button.
You can now paste your font character in any document that you want.