Friday, April 2, 2010

Creating Special Characters in Plain Text

We use special characters like © & ™ & ® on our sites & blogs, but it is easy 2 put them via HTML codes like © for ©, ® for ® & ™ for ™.
But when it comes to plain text it is quite difficult. MS Word automatically changes (c) to ©, but U cannot do that in say Notepad. So what can U do?
Well D solution is simple & all U need is a computer with a keyboard.
Just Hold D ALT key on your keyboard & type 0169 on your Numpad (not the numbers on D top of your alphabetic keys). You'll get a © symbol in Notepad, not only that but it works on any plain text editor, even here.
There R lots of special characters linked 2 key combinations, but here is a list of few of those important symbols that U might need,
Alt 0169 © (copyright)
Alt 0153 ™ (Trade Mark)
Alt 0174 ® (Registered)
Alt 0167 § (Section)
Alt 0178 ² (squared)
Alt 0162 ¢ (cents)
Alt 0128 € (Euro)
Alt 0163 £ (Pound)
Alt 0165 ¥ (Yen)
Alt 0161 ¡ (inverted exclamation)
Alt 0191 ¿ (inverted question mark)
Alt 0172 ¬ (boolean 'not')
Alt 0176 ° (the degree sign)

If U want then U can also create special symbols just 4 U, like a logo of your company or your initials or digital signature that U can place anywhere without any hustle. All U have 2 do is,
In D Run Command, Type eudcedit > Hit OK.
Private Character Editor will B launched, you'll see a Select Code dialog box > Hit OK.
U will see something like Paint, just create a symbol that U want and select Save Character from
Edit menu.
Your symbol is made.
To add that symbol just open Run Command, Type charmap > Hit OK.
When Character Map opens, select the Font drop-down list and select All Fonts (Private
Select your character, click the Select button, and then click the Copy button.
You can now paste your font character in any document that you want.

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