Friday, April 8, 2011

Page Speed by Google

When a user accesses your site or blog, then they do not want to sit all day for your site to open.
It is really frustrating to sit and sit and sit and sit and sit...................... till the entire site is open.

If your site takes time then it may turn to loss in traffic. So how do you know how slow is your site.

This is Page Speed Online by Google™. It tells you in percentage how slow is your site (100% being the fastest and 0% being you know).

And for your information, this blog scored a 89 out of 100.
So go now and try it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Check out my new web-design

I have been busy, with my exams and all but I finally got some time and made this web template. Just check it out and tell me if it's good or great.
It's all CSS DIV, NO TABLES, easy to be adapted for any site.
Here is the link

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New vision of Blogspot

Blogspot has a new format for the viewers of your blog.(If you didn't knew yet)
Instead of that old-fashioned text after text and line after line you can show people your blog in new ways and not only one but in many ways.

Just change the url of your blog from say to

But although they are great, there are some problems.
Starting with you cannot customize the color.
Secondly all your tiny tabs, like about you, links to other sites and all important ads will not be shown.
Next if you have mostly text (like mine), then only the sidebar and timeslide will work.
But if you have a blog containing mostly images (like my new blog, then the remaining three are perfect for you.

If you ask me these are not for all viewers. You can just place a link in your blog called Slideshow and link it to say flipcard or mosaic view, so viewers can see the images.