Friday, March 26, 2010

Verify your Paypal account by a Paypal Plus Credit card

In this post I'll tell U how 2 verify your Paypal account by applying 4 a Paypal Plus Credit card.
U might also want 2 read my previous post on how 2 verify your Paypal™ account by Bank account.
  1. Scroll down on your Paypal™ Account page
  2. Click on "Plus Card" link. U'll B take 2 D "Paypal™ Plus Credit Card" page
  3. Click on D "Apply Now" button.
  4. Fill in D application form. Most of D information R those that Paypal™ already has
  5. If U want 2 enter D Account Security Program then check D box by it side. Then read D "Terms & Conditions".
  6. Hit D "Accept and Submit" button. In 1 minute paypal™ will inform U if U R approved or not. If U R approved then your account will automatically B verified.

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