Friday, March 26, 2010

Verify your Paypal account by Bank account.

Today a friend of mine asked me about verifying Paypal™ account. Now if your account is verified then U have no limit on how much U transfer & U can assure your users that all transactions that they made R valid & safe.
U can verify your Paypal™ account by your Bank account.
  1. Login In your PayPal™ account. U'll B at "My Account Overview" page.
  2. Find "Activate Account" heading & click on "Add Bank Account". U can also add a Bank account on "Profile Summary" page by clicking on "Bank Accounts" in the "Financial Information" column
  3. Enter your bank account details e.g.- bank name, branch code, your account number, etc, hit continue.
  4. Paypal™ offers 2 methods to verify your account.

    1. If your bank offers online banking then enter your online banking information. Paypal™ will check with D bank to verify your account instantly.
    2. Second method is Paypal™ will deposit 2 small deposits in your bank account. Check your bank statements for those Paypal™ deposits. Click on "Confirm Bank Account" link on your "Account Summary" page, then enter the amounts of D deposits.
Tada!! your account is verified.
U can also verify your Paypal™ account using Paypal™ Plus Credit card.

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