Sunday, February 21, 2010

The greatest prison is the one we make ourselves with our fear and remorse

Sounds strange? Well for those who understood the meaning of the title and for those who didn't, here is what it means to me. There were some moments in my life when I thought that I could have done something else that I didn't do, why I don't know. But it always bites me. Maybe some decisions that I took in my life that well not taken or should I say if I had taken the other path, my life would have been different from what it is now.
But maybe for good, bad or worse, I had taken those decisions and no matter what I think or I do, I believe in my heart that I have done the right and I am not going back.
You might also have encountered similar may not be the same situations in your life earlier or not but one thing you must always remember is that you cannot move ahead if you keep your eyes behind you.

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