Saturday, February 27, 2010

Donate button in Alertpay

Many times I have read about a donate button. U know those button where D users can donate small amount 2 D site. But finding 1 is really tough. Paypal™ has a donate button, but U can donate only if U have a Paypal™ account. But everyone doesn't has a Paypal™ account.
So D other option is 2 allow people 2 use their credit-cards 2 donate. But 2 enable this feature U have 2 pay an excess of 20-25%. Now that is a real ripoff.
Another option is Alertpay™, they allow credit-card transaction 4 free after a simple site verification. But D problem is they don't have a ready made donate button. So D option is 2 use a buy button as a donate button.
But now D problem is that D amount 4 a buy button is fixed (as U don't want D user 2 decide D amount 4 a purchase), but in case of a donation D user wishes 2 select D amount 2 donate.
Now I searched D net 4 sometime & finally found a code which allows D user 2 change D amount 2 donate as per their wish. But it had some problem, just a glitch as U can add any text in D text box. Now that  is silly as no one would enter alphabet in that text box but Y take D risk so I found a script & modified D code so that only positive integers can B entered in D text box.
So here is D code:

<!-- Code written by someone else but the whole thing is made by Tanmay Das -->
<script language="JavaScript">
function checkIt(evt) {
    evt = (evt) ? evt : window.event
    var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : evt.keyCode
    if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57)) {
        status = "This field accepts numbers only."
        return false
    status = ""
    return true
Enter Donation Amount:
<form method="post" action="">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_purchasetype" value="item-goods">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_merchant" value="">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_itemname" value="Donate">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_returnurl" value="">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_quantity" value="1">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_description" value="Description of your donation">
     <input type="text" name="ap_amount" value="" onKeyPress="return checkIt(event)">
<select name="ap_currency">
<option value="AUD">AUD</option>
<option value="BGN">BGN</option>
<option value="CAD">CAD</option>
<option value="CHF">CHF</option>
<option value="CZK">CZK</option>
<option value="DKK">DKK</option>
<option value="EEK">EEK</option>
<option value="EUR">EUR</option>
<option value="GBP">GBP</option>
<option value="HKD">HKD</option>
<option value="HUF">HUF</option>
<option value="LTL">LTL</option>
<option value="MYR">MYR</option>
<option value="NOK">NOK</option>
<option value="NZD">NZD</option>
<option value="PLN">PLN</option>
<option value="RON">RON</option>
<option value="SEK">SEK</option>
<option value="SGD">SGD</option>
<option value="USD" selected="selected">USD</option>
<option value="ZAR">ZAR</option>
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_cancelurl" value="">
     <input type="image" name="ap_image" src="donate.gif">

Doo tell me if U find it handy


  1. Thanks this is usually hard to get, but greatly needed since not everyone can use PayPal and that goes for many on AlertPay. Helps with monetizing blogs.

  2. Thanks .

    Just added AlertPay donate button to my blog successfully .

  3. the alertpay image did not go there what shd i do

  4. Hi, I found your guidance very useful!
    Now I am wondering, did you make the button 'donate us' yourself?
    And do you have a way to remove the shipping method from the checkout form? We want to receive donations, not ship anything.
    I will be so grateful for your assistance.